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Being a retired professor of Arabic and Linguistics, I have elected to publish an archive on how the Arabic language is used in America and across cultures.

I hope to establish a dialogue with people interested in the language, the teaching of the language, the learning of the language, and the interaction of Arabic and English while learning the language.

I am also interested in having a discussion as to the use of Arabic within the contexts of globalization.

Arabic is very much a language that binds a culture and defines a people. This blog is dedicated to understanding how American use, learn, and teach the Arabic language, and how Arabic, in Arab countries has been impacted crossculturally.

Jun 4, 2012


Recent events in Egypt have kept me away from my blog on language. I felt as if it was a trivial topic compared to topics on the Egyptian’s elections, trials, and uprisings. But it is not, since language has been used to reflect events, vividly.

FusHa is in its glory.  Candidates for the presidency, talk shows guests, and reporters, have all tried to dazzle us with their diversified use of al FusHa. Some did impress me, others baffled me. For instance, one has only to listen to speeches delivered by the last two candidates for the Egyptian presidency to realize the variety of genres in the Egyptian political discourse. Would the use of an eloquent FusHa impress the Egyptian public? It remains to be seen. But, this is an interesting topic to pursue on blogs on the Arabic language.

 I will resume posting again on the Arabic language and its usage during these trying times in Egypt. Humor is one of the topics I will be considering. The type of humor circulating nowadays among young Egyptians is an interesting sociolinguistic topic to examine. Not only does it reflect the political situation, but also it demonstrates the Egyptians’ dexterity in using the language, their quick-wittedness, and their linguistic perception.

Arabizi is a second topic I would also like to discuss on this blog. I have been following some friends on Facebook and was amazed at the increase of their using Arabizi. Actually, I have had time reading a whole paragraph in Arabizi!

To conclude I am inserting sites from Aljazeera net reporting on the ‘Forum for the Advancement of Arabic ‘held in Qatar.

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